iONE partners with numerous blue-chip advertisers from all categories including retail, fashion, pharmaceutical, entertainment, automotive, insurance, financial, among others. Our goal is to authentically connect advertisers with our loyal audience to help brands build a meaningful and sustainable relationship with the urban, Black & Latino consumers.


Audience: Men 35+

Urban Daily Men are educated, confident, tech savvy, fashionable, and actively social.

Who Am I?

  • I love my gadgets – I’m tech savvy.
  • I’m confident and secure in who I am and I know how to show it.
  • Brands help me create my image – I am highly brand loyal.

Did You Know?

  • Education rates for Black men have increased in the last ten years from 39.6% to 45.3% having attended college or obtained a degree. -Nielsen, 2011 State if the African American Consumer Study


Audience: Women 18-49

HelloBeautiful Women come in forms of moms, students, young trendsetters, and grown professionals.

Who Am I?

  • I am the major influencer to my circle of family and friends on everything
    from fashion & beauty to the latest in technology and online shopping.
  • I buy brands that help me express my unique personality and sense of style.
  • I am dedicated to my family, but retain a fierce sense of independence and personal style.

Did You Know?

  • African-American mothers are 68% more likely to read articles online and 45% more likely to listen to music online than white or Hispanic mothers. -Nielsen, State of the African-American Consumer Sept. 2011 Report


Audience: M/F 29+

The Affluent crowd is tech savvy, progressive, and talented. They are on their way to greatness.

Who Am I?

  • I am successful and let every aspect of who I am show that.
  • I do not settle for second best, I get the latest and hottest trends when I find out about them.
  • My circle of friends respects me and I am a huge influence on anyone who knows me.

Did you Know?

  • In 2009, 6.1% of African-American adults had attained a graduate degree. -The State of the African America-American Consumer
  • African-Americans spend an estimated $9 billion a year on health and beauty products. -Black Still Matters, Pepper Miller 2012
  • African-Americans have made significant gains in U.S and International travel, spending more than $5 billion dollars annually. -Black Still Matters, Pepper Miller 2012
  • With a buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually, if Blacks were a country, they’d be the 16th largest country in the world. -Nielsen, State of the African-American Consumer Sept. 2011 Report


Audience: Hispanic 24-50

The Latino population is the fastest growing demographic in US. Their spending power and social influence is also on the rise.

Who Am I?

  • I care for mi familia and all my relatives play a crucial role in how I live.
  • I trust and value brands that address my unique needs and allow me to express myself.
  • I understand that education is very important and do everything to provide it for my children.

Did You Know?

  • The median age of Hispanics, 28, is 10 years than the total U.S. population median age of 37 years old. -State of the Hispanic Market: The Hispanic Market Imperative, Q2, 2012
  • 41% of Hispanic households consist of a married couple with children younger than 18. -State of the Hispanic Market: The Hispanic Market Imperative, Q2, 2012
  • $1 trillion buying power. Expected to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2015. -State of the Hispanic Market: The Hispanic Market Imperative, Q2, 2012


The Interactive One Video Network offers advertisers a range of video advertising opportunities across our suite of sites on the desktop, mobile and tablet.

    Opportunities include:

  • Pre & Post Roll available on desktop & mobile
  • In-Banner Video
  • Video Wallpaper
  • Push-Down with Video
  • Full Page Video Interstitial
  • Brand Integration*
    Dedicated video channel featured in each of our content verticals:

  • HelloBeautiful
  • TheUrbanDaily
  • Elev8
  • TheGrio
  • NewsOne
  • GiantLife
  • Digital RadioOne sites
    By the numbers:

  • 50+ original videos per month
  • 100 million streams per month
  • 15 million uniques per month

The InteractiveOne users are true video aficionados. They view, record, email and share video on a regular basis

  • Use paid streaming video apps: Index 163
  • Use free streaming video apps: Index 127
  • Email videos from phone (daily): Index 137
  • Record video on phone (daily): Index 134
  • Share personal photos/video (daily): Index 125

Advertiser Opportunity 100% SOV of TUD tablet
Full Page ad: Full page advert comes between pages of content, creating a fully immersive experience


Our Audience is Connected!

  • A study commissioned by Google found, more African-Americans own smartphones than those in the representative group (53 % vs. 45%)
  • Nearly 1/3 access iONE via mobile/tablet devices
  • iONE will re-launch its mobile offering with touch enable content and advertising, offering unparalleled user engagement and interactivity for our audience and our advertisers.

iOne On Tablet

Goes where our audience goes! The Daily Stand Up will be available to our audience through a unique custom category on TheUrbanDaily mobile and tablet experience.

    User Engagement Features:

  • Answer questions
  • Leave comments
  • Participate in polls/quizzes

Whenever, where ever they are!
Exclusive custom galleries will be available only to the tablet audience.

iOne On Tablet/Smartphone
Our new touch enabled mobile ad placement is a 100% SOV opportunity with multiple interaction points, living seamlessly within the site navigation and content.

Touch friendly, with a glossy magazine like feeling, the new larger format creates advertiser opportunities that take over the entire page.
Key Features:

  • Fully optimized for retina display
  • Clickable links for location services
  • One touch sharing
  • Accessible on any web enabled mobile device
  • Clickable images
  • Video ads

Advertiser Opportunity 100% SOV
Full Page ad: Full page advert comes between pages of content, creating a fully immersive exposure

Rich Media

Anchor your campaign with custom solutions on an Interactive One owned and operated site with your target profile.
Extend reach through the Interactive One Audience Platform with targeted audience behaviors and demographics.

These are the available spaces provided on our suite of websites. From the standard banner ads to rich media executions with videos and dropdowns, InteractiveOne has you covered. As an advertiser, you have all the tools at your disposal to best reach your audience.

Download Ad Specs

To further compliment it’s rich pool of first party data, Interactive One has partnered with the most trusted data providers in the industry to bring you the most advanced, market-tested online and offline data for your digital campaigns.

    Targeting capabilities include:

  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Time of Day
  • Device
  • Intent
  • Interest
  • Re-targeting